Domestic Tunings


INMotion Tuning® USA Domestic Chip Tuning

 Let INMotion Tuning USA  upgrade your engine control unit or "ECU's" firmware to our custom performance versions. We DO NOT sell tuning boxes as all of the boxes we have tested do not even compare with the smoothness, power and MPG gains of an ECU recalibration.

European cars on the average have much higher output levels, and still maintain a strict European T.U.V. emissions requirement. Unless specified, our tunings are modified European spec. tunings that are tested safe for your vehicle.

Please click on the make of you vehicle below to see what kind of gains you can expect from your tuning, Please note gains are shown in our most popular Stage-2 configurations, just email for lesser or greater tuning specs. Custom tunings are never a problem, we can adjust any parameter you wish, such as boost level, ignition level, fuel level, exhaust gas recirculation or EGR level, speed limit, and much much more! All you have to do is ask one of our trained staff when you order.















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