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 This page is designed to answer frequently asked Pre and Post tuning questions...

What Octane fuel Should I run?

     The stock engine requires a min. 91 octane fuel. Always use the highest octane fuel avail at your local pump in your area, always try to use gasoline that does not have ethanol added. Gasoline that is refined to the final octane is always the best choice.

Why is my "Check Engine" Light on?

     If you going to work on your own car you should invest in a code scanner or a laptop program such as Vag-Com. Sometimes parts and components that are near failing can fail after your tuning. Please scan your vehicle and tell your salesman the code, and he/she will work closely with you to resolve the problem.     


      The Mass Air Sensor is an electrical fuel injection component that measures the incoming air to your engine. It is well known in the automotive repair profession that these newer Bosch sensors are faulty, even a simple Google search for "VW MAF Failure" will show tens of thousands of links to failed sensors worldwide. Most times when a sensor is failing it will not even make the "Check Engine" light even come on to let you know the part is failing! The most common symptom of a failing MAF sensor is loss of power. Does you car not have the same "kick" that it had when it was new or right after it was chip tuned? Chances are your MAF needs to be replaced. 


        The diverter valve is a device that will automatically release the boost pressure in the intake manifold, when you let off the gas pedal of a turbocharged gasoline engine. If this part fails then valuable boost pressure levels cannot be obtained. The early 1.8T should have the Diverter valve updated to the newer part # 06A 145 710N This valve was originally designed for the 225HP Audi TT Engine. 

Why does my Diesel Smoke?

          Did you know that Robert Bosch recommends that your injectors be rebuilt / replaced at 50,000 mile intervals? The use of  Bio-Fuels above 5% can also decrease injector life. Your intake Manifold should also be removed and cleaned at 50K. We have seen intake manifolds so plugged with carbon that the engine will not start or run! There is a snow screen in your stock air cleaner box that is also notorious for plugging with debris.





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